MY FAVOURITE VIDEO GAME CHARACTERS (in no particular order):

Javik (Mass Effect 3)

“Stand in the ashes of a trillion dead souls, and ask the ghosts if honor matters.”

between the mind that plans and the hands that build there must be a mediator, and this must be the heart.❞ - maria, metropolis

Oh, we couldn’t bring the columns down

Yeah we couldn’t destroy a single one

And history books forgot about us

And the bible didn’t mention us

Not even once

(for HyperBali, using her Shepard and her suggestion :3)






Everyone is always all about Joker, but the good Doc has been with us since the beginning too.

I think it’s time we showed a little appreciation to Doctor Chakwas, who followed Shepard through death and willingly signed up for the Suicide Mission because she cares that much. She could have stayed on a colony and been a clinic doctor, but that just wasn’t good enough for her; She wanted to be on a star ship and she wasn’t about to let Joker or Shepard go on fighting without her there to patch them back together.

Chakwas is my heroine.


Chakwas is one badass bitch. I’ll definitely show her some love on my dash!