Self Love

I wanted to capture the same reaction the audience would get when they see his works like the toenail, the emulator and his few self portraits which may seem grotesqu to most people at first glance. Who would wanna pass by a dead body just hanging outside in the streets? This would give the audience for they are in store for when they go to his exhibition to view his works. 

The colours used include white for the cloth to wrap the body, red and black for typography and a cream colour for the ropes that is constricting the body. 

The wrapped body represent an emergence to rebirth, in Tim Hawkinson’s case – the recreation of his own portraits. This tries to recreate how in the bible Jesus was wrapped in a white shroud and was resurrected the next day. However this true underlying meaning is subtle and won’t be as obvious due the superficial idea of death and grotesque that encompass most of the visuals. This replicates the same impression as how one would see a Tim Hawkinson work, not realising its true meaning of self recreation due to its morbid and deathly appliances.

June 2014

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One of my newest designs. Here is my quite literal interpretation of the #BlackWidow album title. In love with this. This is one of my favorite designs ever. @officialitm @mariabrinkofficial #believeandcreate